MRES EagleBots

Evening everyone,
So that concludes the Eaglebot's fall 2021 semester and we will meet back up again, virtually on 14 January 2022.
Congratulations to the Eaglebots on your outstanding work and here is the link to watch your Cargo Connect Journey:
The Cargo Connect Journey includes the Great Roll down the Harrisonburg High School hill.
Eaglebots at Harrisonburg 2021

Big huge welcome to our newest Eaglebots that will joining us for the Spring 2022 Semester:

- Arjun Gupta (5th grade)
- Hannah Lasher (5th grade)
- Viktoria Dale (4th grade)
- Julia Leach (4th grade)
- Zeeshan Siddiqui (4th grade)
And, a returning Eaglebot Coach: Coach Zlata Dale.
The big winner of the 56-question Christmas Quiz was Ellis Kim, followed by Deen, Bethany, Iris, and Betsy, congratulations to all.
I hope all the students still had an appetite for dinner after eating all that sugar this afternoon.
Eaglebots in the MRES computer lab
Check out the Marshall Elementary Newsletter, the Eaglebots made it:
MRES - Eaglebots in news
Lastly, for both Eaglebots and Roborunners, you have homework that needs to be completed by 14 January 2022.
Every student needs to take one hour of your holiday to watch the Amazon Fulfillment Center Video:
As the Distribution and Supply Chain process become even more complicated and complex, you can see in this video how Amazon is trying to automate this process.
We will talk about the video in January 2022.
Thanks, Roborunners, for being a part of our event. Congratulations to Iris for winning a prize.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.
See everyone on 14 January 2022.
Coach Ron