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The following are optional lesson plans you can follow.   This is all review material. 

 Please go to FILES AND DOCUMENTS to see lesson plans.  


Tuesday March 31
Language Arts:   Evan Moore, read 30 minutes, write a one paragraph summary of what you read.
Science:   Watch Mr. Demaio video on planets.   Write five fun facts about each planet.
Social Studies:   For the Week:   Research the states of the north east united states.    Write five facts about each state.   
Math:   Play multiplication war   IXL  o-5 sixth grade 
Wednesday, April 1
Language Arts:    Evan Moore, read 30 minutes, write a one paragraph summary of what you read.    Write 4 cause and effects from your reading.
Science:   Sol pass fourth grade planets
Social studies:   Continue research
Math:    Using playing cards, make multiplication problems....be sure they are two by two or three by three   Ex.   25x64   or  234x45     Work on IXL

Thursday, April 2 
Language Arts:   Evan Moore, read 30 minutes, write a one paragraph summary of what you read.    Add three cause and effects from your reading.
Science:  Review the periodic table.    Write down 10 elements.    Write down two compounds.
Social Studies:   Work on research
Math:   IXL   Using playing cards, make division problems.   Ex.   1234 divided by 24

Friday, April 2
Language arts:   Evan Moore, read 30 minutes, write a one paragraph summary of what you have read.   Write a prediction  of what you think will happen next. 
Science:   SOL Pass Matter
Social studies:   Finish your research.    Email or scan your research to me.  
Math:  Using playing cards, make fractions and turn them into decimal.   Remember the tricks!

Great Websites:

Mystery Science
Mr. DeMaio on Youtube
Magic school bus on Youtube
Bill Nye the Science guy on youtube
Storyline online
The book wrangler.com has many links to great literture. 
Gonoodle....great for exercise!
wonderopolis.org---even has reading quizzes

Type some stories and e-mail them to me.   I would love to read them!   Let me know what you are reading.....any good books?    

Play multiplication war with your parents....

Do mental math with your parents.....

IXL science and language arts are a great review

Extend yourself...do IXL sixth grade!

Do a science experiement...there are great experiments for fifth graders online.  

The following was work sent home or picked up at school:

Language Arts - reading comprehension week 12, 13, and 14
                           Reading Challenge

Math - Daily Review week 4, 5 and 6
            IXL 4th grade O.6, O.7, P.7, P.24, R.15, U.6

More information will be coming, so please continue to check our class website.

  Our daily schedule is as follows:

9:00-11:00   Language Arts
11:00-11:45  Science
11:45-12:15  Recess
12:15-12:40  Social Studies
12:40-1:10   Lunch
1:10-2:35  Math
2:35-3:20   Encore

Weekly Assignments:
Your child receives their IXL activities each Friday, so that they have plenty of time to complete this requirement.  They receive their Reading Comprehension Packet each Monday morning.  Both of these activities are due each Friday morning as soon as they come into the classroom.  There is time given each day during class, to work on these activities.

Our Daily Schedule
9:00-11:00   Language Arts
11:00-11:45 Science
11:45-12:15 Recess
12:15-12:40 Social Studies
12:40-1:10 Lunch
1:10-2:35  Math
2:35-3:20 Encore

Assignments due every Friday:        Comprehension Reading packet
                                                                        IXL practice sheet

READ DAILY  20-30 Minutes


Please make sure that your child brings his or her agenda to school each day.  It is a good source for parent and teacher communication.