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spending spree 

Additionally, these are websites that we use frequently throughout the day! 

IXL: One of the biggest resources we use in the classroom. (Login is the same as the login to sign onto laptops. Contact me if your child is having trouble.) There is now additional access to language arts and science/social studies content as well! WAHOO!! 

GoNoodle: A great resources to get students moving, stretching, dancing and more. (Apps can be downloaded on Roku TVs, Apple TV and More!) A small sample of their videos can be found on YouTube, just search "GoNoodle."

Epic!:A digital library for students, offering access to over 35,000 books, learning videos, reading quizzes and more. You will have to create an account for this recourse. 

Brain pop Jr. is another resource with a wide variety of topics and activities.  There are great quizzes and extensions to lessons as well.