In honor of Veteran’s Day, we ask that you send in a family photo for our Military Families display. It’s important that we teach our children that Veteran’s Day is not just a day off from school, but that it is a day to recognize and honor the Men and Women who have served our country. The students love the annual display and seeing the heroes among us! Mrs. Gerdy will be collecting photos now through end of October. Thank you for your service! Please email your pictures to or *send it in with your student.


*Please send your photo in a labeled envelope listing your child’s first and last name and their teacher’s name. The photos will be returned in December. Thanks so much for participating! We look forward to seeing your family.



Include the following information with your photo:


  1. *Student first/last name 
  2. *Teacher’s name 
  3. *Family member’s name
  4. *Branch of military 




Please contact Mrs. Gerdy, school counselor, with any additional questions. Thank you for all you do!