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 (codes for individual lesson review are below)

  • American Revolution: YFPZW
  • Civil War: MBYSZ
  • Reconstruction: OLHSY
  • Earth, Moon, and Sun: WXMAO
  • Electricity: BFENV
  • St. Patrick's Day: MEGBW
  • What's Your Favorite Season?: CETIR
  • Getting to Know Washington D.C.: QJEIS
  • Getting to Know VA: HQPTX
  • Decimals and Fractions: UOSCK Have fun browsing livefeed of different animals and ecosystems, and space! Read alouds with corresponding lessons/activities that can be done in and out of the classroom. Amazing review for SOLs, including games, lessons and practice tests. (Password is TMES)

VAStudiesWeekly: The online resource that accompanies the newspapers sent home. All of this year's learning is there for review! 

Wixie: Students can get creative or work on a couple of assignments that have recently been created. 

IXL: One of the biggest resources we use in the classroom. (Login is the same as the login to sign onto laptops. Contact me if your child is having trouble.)

GoNoodle: An amazing resource that can get students moving, stretching, dancing and more. (Apps can be downloaded on Roku TVs, Apple TV and More!) A small sample of their videos can be found on YouTube, just search "GoNoodle."


Language Arts


Spelling City



Jefferson Lab

Porta Portal

SOL Teacher

Xtra Math

Math Playground

Multiplication basketball


Double-Digit Multiplication

Math Playground 2 digit



SOL Review

Science Kids

Virginia Studies

SOL Pass


Trading Card