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Update 9/11/2020

Listed below are some general activities that can be used to address some Speech goals. Please email me with specific questions if needed at

Many of these activities can be modified to address the areas of need. Please refer to  the Files and Documents section. Optional Schedules are updated weekly. Obtain word lists by contacting the Speech Language Pathologist. 

1) Read-Read-Read 
    Answer "WH" questions (with and without pictures).
    Retell the story (with and without pictures). 
    Act out the story (Charades).
    Create your own story book.

2) Singing 
 Sing Songs or learn new ones, (helps with articulation skills and fluency).

    Create your own microphone and add some rhythm!
3) I Spy good Language Skills
    A great game to play " I Spy"; This game helps your children develop reasoning, describing, and listening skills. Use colors, sizes, function, or location words ( under, over etc.) (I spy something blue under the sofa.)  OR  change it up and say " I am thinking of something that is big and yellow."... " What am I ?" Another fun activity is a scavenger hunt. This is another way to target descriptive vocabulary, language expansion and articulation sounds. 

4) Mystery Bag/Box ( building vocabulary and sounds)
    Place items in a bag( pillow case/paper bag or box with a slot). The items may contain the student's speech sound. The child puts his/her hand in the bag/box and tries to guess what the item is, based on shape, size, texture or sound it makes when squeezed. The child may ask for clues to help with item identification.  Your child may use the target word in a phrase/sentence for articulation or as a language expansion activity. The parent may ask the child "How are all these items alike?" ( synonyms) or "How are all these items different" (antonyms). You may also compare/contrast items by color/shape/size/function/texture. 

5) Guess Who game
    An awesome way to build vocabulary, listening skills, auditory memory and inference skills. Seeing beyond what is visually present.

6) Kitchen fun
Expand listening skills by following directions.  Whip up a batch of cookies with your child or instruct them on how to make a sandwich/snack. Better yet, have THEM tell you how to create a favorite sandwich/snack. Follow their instructions and steps to see if there are any "road blocks". Another activity is Simon Says. This timeless activity is a great listening game which also taps into auditory retention and is perfect for working on /s/ sounds. If you are concentrating on beginning sounds and direction following you might play "Mother May I...". 

7) Playdough
Making playdough at home, then use the playdough to form your letter sounds.

Your home is surrounded by wonderful language opportunities! All activities are optional.

Please take care and send me an email with any questions at

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