Art For Kids Hub
Great drawing tutorials made just for kids. 

McHarper Manor Live Art Tutorials
McHarper Manor Facebook - Tune in Monday -Friday at 1 pm for some great art lessons 
Made With McHarper - You Tube channel to find past lessons. 

Printable Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages from Crayola
Coloring Pages by Theme
Just Color

The Great Quarantine Art Adventure
#TGQAA - Every day is a new art challenge!

Virtual Galleries

National Gallery - Washington DC
National Gallery Kids Zone - Interactive Games
Look Together Activity - Great way to get talking about art with your child. 

Tate Modern For Kids - From the Tate in London, more great activities!

Van Gogh Museum - Take an up close look at one of the most famous artists. Can you make your own Van Gogh?