Last Week of School
I can't believe this is the last week of school.  I sent an email with the Choice board for the week and the worksheets that go along with it.  I am attaching the cursive and Force and Motion sheets here because they were too big to attach to the email.  I can't wait to see you on Zoom this week.
Have a great day.

Week of May 25th
Happy Memorial Day!!!  I have attached this week's choice board and the 3 matter worksheets that were too large to send in an email.  Everything is optional but great practice and review.  See you on Zoom

Week of May 18th
Happy Monday.  I have attached this week's choice board and the worksheets that go along with the activities.  These are optional activities but great review of material we have covered this year.  I look forward to seeing all of you on Zoom.

Week of May 11th
I have attached this week's choice board on the files page.  There are also some worksheets that go along with the choice board.  There are calendar practice pages and money story problems.  BrainpopJr.  Username: marshall42
password: student.  I will see you on this week's Zoom.

Week of April 20th-April 24th
I have attached this weeks Choice board to the files page.  Please let me know if you have any question regarding this.  E-mail me and I will respond ASAP.  
Below are this week's spelling words:
1. rounder
2. smoother
3. lighter
4. funniest
5. earliest
6. prettiest
7. bigger
8. sadder
9. hottest
These words are in Spelling City for Extra practice.

Welcome Back!!
Check the Files page for our 2nd grade choice board for this week.  Also, there is a word document to explain the choice board.
Below you will find this weeks spelling words:
1. painter
2. writer
3. farmer
4. actor
5. sailor
6. visitor
7. swimmer
8. runner
9. robber
You will find this week's spelling words on Spelling City if you want extra practice.
See you tomorrow!!

Happy April!!
I have attached a file that the county math department sent out.  There are some great math problems to work on.  Enjoy!!!

Happy Sunday!!
Here is this week's spelling words:
1. helped
2. helping
3. printed
4. printing
5. sliced
6. slicing
7. joked
8. joking
9. dropped
10. dropping
11. clapped
12. clapping

Happy Friday!!
I can't wait to see you at 12:00
I have added some files for you to work on. 
1st- Math.  Just like the spiral math that we do everyday.  The sheet is for the week and the rows are for the days.  If you don't have access to a printer, or out of ink like me, just copy the problems onto another sheet of paper.
2nd- Weather comprehension sheets.  These go along with our weather unit on severe storms and also comprehension for language arts.
I can't wait to see you soon!!

Happy Workout Wednesday
I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy.  I am enjoying getting emails from you.  
Parents:  I have upload our "Year at a Glance" into the files so you can see the curriculum that we have covered this year, so far.  At this time, 4th quarter states: review previous quarters.  We were informed today by Dr. Waldrop that, at this time, we will not be introducing new curriculum.  

Raz-Kids is another great resource for books on your child's reading level.  I am in the process of updating the reading levels.  Just like all the other programs- you can get to it by going to the Marshall Webpage-student resources- Raz-Kids.  The teacher username is afranklinb.

Happy Saturday,
Yesterday Sydney and I went to Lynchburg to pick up her stuff.  She will be home the rest of the semester.
What have you been doing?

Next weeks words:
sheep, deer, teeth, women, dozen, traffic, moose, geese, oxen
Monday: 3x's each
Tuesday: Rainbow write
Wednesday: ABC order
Thursday: 5 sentences
Friday: 4 sentences
Remember to write great "3rd grade" sentences.

I have assigned these words in Spelling City, so you can practice them there.  Also, you can take a test on these words on Friday in Spelling City. (These won't be graded, but it is a great check to see if you know these words:

It might be fun to go on Pebble go- Marshall webpage- Student resources
username: marshalles
password: student
Check out the severe weather:  We already watched thunderstorms.  You can watch hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards

In IXL- you have recommendations of things to work on.  Most of you:
username: student number (lunch #/Library #)
password: tmes

I miss you so much.  Please stay healthy and safe.
Make sure to get outside and play!!!
I would love to get an email from you